3 December 2015 -
16:15 to 17:30

Innovating in mHealth and Patient Care: Trends & Opportunities (pdf)

Digital Health

The health care and life sciences sector is recognized as one of the top three fields (along with consumer products and the financial services industry) likely to experience new mobile business model growth in the next five years, according to a recent Deloitte Open Mobile Survey. After a slow start, the capabilities offered by mobile technologies are fast being appreciated by the health care industry with a raft of devices, sensors, apps and other programs being developed that target chronic conditions, telemedicine and remote monitoring, patient data capture, electronic records, e-prescribing and the parallel industries of fitness and wellness. The extent to which stakeholders create user confidence through adequate privacy and security protections will play a key role in accelerating or retarding the adoption of mHealth and the realization of benefits.

In this panel Ms Karen Taylor will present “How technology is transforming patient care today and tomorrow” and Mr Park is going to adress “Innovating in mHealth: Trends and opportunities of this growing market”.